Beloved novelists Tony Birch, Lauren Groff and Ann Patchett discuss the importance of reading freely and the formative subversive texts of their early reading lives, with Christine Gordon.  


12 May 13:30
Athenaeum Theatre
Access: Wheelchair
It’s little wonder books have been censored, banned and burned throughout history, given their power to shape thought, challenge belief and open whole wide worlds inside us. In fact, banned books prove to be some of our most formative. 

Don’t miss beloved novelists Tony Birch, Lauren Groff and Ann Patchett as they reveal the ‘inappropriate’ texts of their early reading lives and the books they’d encourage readers of all ages to pick up. 

Birch shares insight as a long-time advocate of diversifying reading lists and as a writing teacher at Preston High School, and Groff and Patchett shed light on opening bookstores in America amid growing book bans, which have included some of their own novels in certain school districts. 

They speak with Community Engagement and Programming Manager at Readings, Christine Gordon.  

Thank you to United States Consulate Melbourne for supporting the appearances of US authors at MWF.


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