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Tony Birch: Women and Children

The Boisbouvier Chair in Australian Literature Tony Birch discusses his tender and forthright new novel, Women and Children, with Jaclyn Booton, Creative Director, Melbourne Public Humanities Initiative.  

Supported by the Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne


11 May 15:00
State Library Theatrette
Access: Assisted Listening Wheelchair
Women and Children is the personal novel about kinship and justice from one of the most loved and clear-eyed storytellers, Tony Birch. 

With tender yet forthright prose, he unravels the trauma of violence and the power of family in 1960s Fitzroy, writing ‘convincingly on power and the blinding nature of its corruptive forces’ (Sydney Morning Herald). 

The Boisbouvier Chair in Australian Literature, Birch discusses his novel with Jaclyn Booton, Creative Director, Melbourne Public Humanities Initiative.   


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Tony Birch: Women and Children