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Our Donors

We are grateful for the support of our donors, whose generosity helps MWF gather the best writers and thinkers in the world for extraordinary conversations that expand the way readers consider themselves and the world around them.

Literary Epic $25,000+

Edward Federman

Novel $15,000+

Dr George & Rosa Morstyn

Novella $5,000+

BB & A Miller Fund (a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation)

Canny Quine Foundation

Ann & Michael Cohn

Kellehers Australia Pty Ltd.

McLeod Family Foundation

Leslie Reti AM

Mark Rubbo OAM

Craig Semple

Maureen Wheeler AO & Tony Wheeler AO

Short Story $1,000+

Phillip Benedetti

Andrew Blair AM

Joanna Brand

Sally Browne Fund (a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation)

Michael Cowen and Sharon Nathani

Rosemary Geer

Prof Hilary Glow

Dr Jennifer Grafton

Dr Alice Hill

Irene Kearsey

Leg Up Foundation

Bernard Marin AM

Fiona McGauchie

Seri Renkin OAM

Bernadette Trifiletti

Sabina Wakefield

Linda White

Janet Whiting AM

Current as at July 2023 

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