After 235 years of colonisation, who truly gets to be human in so-called Australia? Join Ziggy Ramo, Chelsea Watego and Lamisse Hamouda together in conversation with host Osman Faruqi.  


11 May 10:30
State Library Conversation Quarter
Access: Wheelchair
So-called Australia is built upon a lie: that 97% of the population are people, and the other simply 'Indigenous', devoid of the same basic human rights. After 235 years of destruction to this country in the name of ‘progress’, we all deserve more. 

In this engaging event, some of the most original thinkers currently working and writing read original work and together consider who truly gets to be human in today’s world and how we can confront the past to finally move forward. 

Featuring Wik and South Sea Islander rapper and Festival Curator Ziggy Ramo, Munanjahli and South Sea Islander author Chelsea Watego, Egyptian-Australian writer Lamisse Hamouda, with host Osman Faruqi.  


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