Mykaela Saunders: Always Will Be

Festival Curator Mykaela Saunders talks about her collection of speculative fiction Always Will Be, which imagines a future of sovereignty and self-determination for Goori people, speaking with Daniel Browning.   


12 May 10:30
State Library Theatrette
Access: Assisted Listening Wheelchair
From the 2022 David Unaipon winner and Festival Curator Mykaela Saunders comesAlways Will Be, a brilliant collection of speculative fiction that poses the question: what might Country, community and culture look like in the Tweed if Gooris reasserted their sovereignty? 

Resisting cynicism or despair, Saunders celebrates the forward-thinking wisdom of ancestors in a book that “writes Aboriginal people, dreams, radical hope and love into the future” (Natalie Harkin). 

She speaks with Daniel Browning about stories that imagine the ways ancient creativity can help blackfellas live with a changing climate and society.  

Free, no bookings required. Entry is subject to capacity. 


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Mykaela Saunders: Always Will Be