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Alexis Wright: Sovereignty of the Imagination

Globally acclaimed, Miles Franklin–winning novelist Alexis Wright (CarpentariaThe Swan Book) discusses her influential body of work and newest masterwork, Praiseworthy, with Festival Curator Mykaela Saunders.  

Supported by the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund


12 May 15:00
State Library Theatrette
Access: Assisted Listening Wheelchair
Miss out on tickets? You can still catch Alexis Wright in conversation at festival at 'The Stella Prize: Meet the Winner' (while tickets last!). 

Internationally acclaimed novelist Alexis Wright has long been recognised for the scale of her writing, which combines mythical, political, surreal and comic elements to forge a mode of Aboriginal epic entirely her own. 

From her Miles Franklin–winning Carpentaria to her latest masterwork, Praiseworthy, she has challenged literary traditions and language to illuminate the contemporary and timeless perspectives of storytelling, spirituality and sovereignty. 

Wright takes to the stage with Festival Curator Mykaela Saunders to discuss her influential body of work, and, in particular, the insight, integrity and compassion she brings to Indigenous children in her novels, serving as an antidote to the harmful narratives pushed by journalists and politicians who shape policy and law.  


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Alexis Wright: Sovereignty of the Imagination