Wik and South Sea Islander rapper and Festival Curator Ziggy Ramo speaks with Jan Fran about his electrifying debut memoir and historical reckoning, Human?, and delivers a live musical performance.   


10 May 20:30
Athenaeum Theatre
Access: Wheelchair
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Rapper and Festival Curator Ziggy Ramo is known for sharing the sorts of truths that weren’t taught in history class, backed by looping samples and the beat of an 808 drum machine. 

His electrifying debut book, Human?, puts his power and passion onto the page. 

Join us as Ramo takes to the stage for a live musical performance and a chat with Jan Fran about his memoir that overturns colonial myths, celebrates his Wik and South Sea Islander heritage and invites readers to fight for a future that restores humanity to all.  

Book signings will not follow this event.


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Ziggy Ramo: Human?